Welcome to Phoenix Restaurant and Bar located at the Invercargill Workingmen’s Club.

For over 20 years the Club has contracted out our catering services. With the exit of our previous contractors, the Club decided it was time to run its own restaurant.

With the new restaurant, the Committee decided it needed its own identity as well.  A small competition within the membership was held and a star stood out – Phoenix.  For those unaware of what a Phoenix is, it is a mythical creature that rises from the ashes with a new outlook on life.  Given what has happened over the last couple of years we thought this was appropriate …. From the ashes of Covid, a new restaurant is awakening.

Even though there is a new team with new ideas the concept of the restaurant will remain the same:  Good Southern wholesome food that is competitively priced.

The buffet returns over the weekend but it has been modified to provide different options on the buffet and desserts.

Lunch Service Friday 12 pm onwards
Table Menu with chef's special and selected desserts available
Dinner Service Thursday through to Sunday, Open 5 pm onwards
Traditional Carvery, Table Menu, Kids Menu & Dessert Menu available
Thursday Burger Night 5 pm onwards
Sunday Roast Night 5 pm onwards
Sunday roast and dessert combo special
(On this night, we aim to provide different meat options)

So where else would you go but to the Club “that has it all”. To book your table at Phoenix on Esk call 03 2188 693 Ext 1 now!